Friday, November 04, 2011

Well The Luck Had To End Sometime

Today it ended. Martin and I got a little bit, what I like to call, wet. It rained. We've been lucky pretty much all year so mustn't grumble. Today, almost at the exact moment we stepped out the door it started to rain - and didn't stop until we stepped back through the door.

I ran like - what can only be described by those in the know, commentators eye an' all that - a right turd. Although I was over the top in reasonable time, I was f&£&ed as I crested the summit - it's not really a summit though. Don't know why it took so much out of me. And I must have worked hard because my eyes were stinging as the rain washed into my eyes. Anyway, I cruised - shut it, not that type of cruising, thank you - on the rest of the run in. My time wasn't great - or rather it was great but the aim is for it to be small. Oh well, always next week.

Bit of a crap drive home but the pegs are well and truly up now. All set for the Mallards Pike orienteering tomorrow. Chances are the weather is going to be poo but what the heck. I'm going to drive half way and then run the rest of the way so I get a descent run in as well as the orienteering. Then it'll be off down to Bristol again for operation drinky-poos...

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