Sunday, November 13, 2011

Outline Design

I have been busy setting out the initial designs for the conversion. I wanted to get some working drawings up together so I can start to get the ball rolling. I can see it's going to take me some considerable time. I've worked out the sliding bed mechanism, and a location to store the mattress for it when not in use. I've also pencilled in the cooking area and vertical storage unit. As long as I don't try and rush the build I think I should manage it.

As to training, I went for a leisurely run and a bike session - couldn't stay away from the designing for too long.

Anyway, here is the outline design. As you can see it's not complete, showing the inner workings for the most part rather than the enclosed finished product. (Bed is shown fully extended).


Anonymous said...


Im a little concerned that the vertical protruding through the wheel arch into the wheel might slow you down a bit?....


Anonymous said...

Rob, That is the tyre self cleaning system :-)

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