Friday, November 18, 2011

Getting Started With Vera

Well it's been a full day but somehow quite restful - although I haven't really stopped. Vera started up effortlessly and we drove over to Gloucester together to buy the wood with which to kit her out. Three hundred quids worth - omg!! But that should be it - I hope... Then after a brief respite for lunch I started work. First removing the existing flooring before making a start battening out the walls and floor. That is almost complete with only a couple more struts required on the floor. Tomorrow I'm going to finish the floor and batten the roof. I'm not intending to actually panel the roof  just yet. I think that will be one of the final things but I want to get all the battening complete. Next up will be the floor and its insulation/sound proofing.

On a slightly sour note, chuckless drills are pants. I want one with a god damn chuck so I can actually tighten the bloody drill bit in place. OK, that's harsh, for medium and large drill bits the chuckless is fine, there is enough contact with the bit for it to stay tight but for small bits - like the 2mm one I was using today - it was bloody useless. I had to re-tighten after every single drilling. Pants. Total and utter pants.

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