Monday, November 28, 2011

Brill Weekend, Worn Out

Great weekend but I am so knackered now. Sunday night was a bit of a quite one but all in all its been another great one. Got home midday after an uneventful drive. Then unpacked and with a load of washing done I set about more work on Vera.

After making a final few mods to the bench/bed design - namely widening it by 50mm after marking out the intended size and realising it was just a smigeon on the narrow side - I set about building the main bench section. I'm pleased with the progress. Once I've constructed the pull-out section she'll be like the Death Star from Return of the Jedi - no where near finished but fully operational...

 The Bench/Bed goes in..
Bracing it up. Sturdy as she goes..

The route of Saturday's run, all 1,300 feet of ascent of it:-

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