Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sides Up!

Yes another day and another four hours spent in the back of the van. But a highly successful four hours. The insulation is in and the side walls are ply lined. Good job. The first panel took a time. Measuring, estimating - on the safe side - and cutting, then more measuring and cutting until finally the panel fitted. The second panel was a doddle having got a near perfect template to work from! And my new power tool worked great, the ubiquitous jig saw - with laser sight. It was like the scene from Gold Finger as I made light work of the shaping. The second panel has smother curves than the first but then I like it a bit rough - ooh, no, stop it. To be honest if I had a spare fifteen quid I'd pop back to the store and get another sheet of ply, to make a matching pair but by the time I cover the walls with some kind of material/carpet you won't see the rough bits - even if I do know they're there. The years will no doubt dull my memory of them...

The most surprising thing is that I feel knackered after a bit of diy. That's not right! It's more achy in different places rather than out and out tired but I do think I will sleep well tonight. Managed another easy run late afternoon and I so totally know what's on the cards for tonight - sadly, not that - no, it's just me and the TV I'm afraid and then most likely as not I'll be turning in early.

Insulation going in...

First panel in place - a bit rough in places
but it won't show once I contour it off with the wall covering

Ply lining complete

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