Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not Quite The Way It Was Meant To Be

Feeling immensly tired after a rocking weekend I decided not to run the Bridge Inn. Instead I decided to go for an easy run before the start and then rig up the generator and lighting for the finish funnel. It didn't quite go to the plan. It's dark out there don't you know?

I set off aiming to follow the old summer route - an undulating 5k.. It's dark out there don't you know? And in that dark I went well off track - big style. As the minutes passed my easy, steady 5k became increasingly more frantic - and not to mention, faster paced. By the time I hit the A420 I realised I was way off track. So cranking up the pace I re-doubled my effort to get back to the race start in order to rig up said lighting. By the time I got back I'd covered just under 8k in 34 minutes! I was eye balls out for the last few kilometres - and I needed to be. I just about got the light going by the time the race started - but it was close.... I'm pleased to have been able to push so hard when I needed to but annoyed that the easy run ended up being not so easy. All in all I may as well have raced...

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