Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm Off The Radar

I'm writing this before I go off the radar but it will hit the web after I have gone deep deep deep undercover - aka Butlins. No doubt by this time I will be a little tipsy...  but I can't be writing anymore because otherwise we might get into various paradoxicle issues. I'd be in danger of some kind of back to the future style issues. If another post pops up tomorrow it will no doubt have been written before this post which has been written in advance, from the past to the future but tomorrows might be from the future to the past - but probably not. None of which relates to running - but does appear to be more than a little mad.

On other matters I have made more plans towards running the Greenman Challenge on Friday 23rd December. It won't be a record attempt but provided I get round I might try for the record early next year.

Right, back to the past, future and present. It's time to get down and groove to the funky beat...

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