Thursday, November 03, 2011

Busy Ol' Day

Work is really beginning to crank up a notch and I'm not sure things are going to ease much of 'till gone next May. In fact I don't really things are much started! So much paperwork, so many actions to resolve. Still, there's always the baking. And on that front I baked up the friendship cake I was passed last week. I went slightly off piste, a little loose cannon may-hap, and cooked up an apricot almond version from the sour dough base. Smells gert lush but it remains to be seen if my colleagues will give it the thumbs up or not. Finger - or should that be thumbs - crossed.

On proper matters I put in an hours bike session and all being well Martin and I should be lunching it over Dundry tomorrow. Then on Saturday it's the Mallards Pike Orienteering which should be fun - provided I manage to get my ass over for it. Following that I'm off to a Firework Night Party and I'm looking forward to it. Should be a good weekend.

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