Friday, September 18, 2009

What to do when the rush hour traffic is bonkers?

Why go for a run, of course - and that's just what I did. After failing to turn right out of the works drive on account of a massive long queue of traffic I decided the journey home was not to be - at least not at that time. Spending 45 minutes - possibly an hour because it looked real nobber out there - just getting to the M5 is not my idea of fun. So instead I cut loose and went for a run up over Dundry on one of my long forgotten routes - but no so forgotten that I couldn't remember the way.

I took things steady but still found it tough on the steep grind to the top but once there and with my breath back I started to relax and enjoy it. At points I actually started to run - as opposed to stomp - getting up off my heels and striding out. It was perfect conditions and in a weird way I'm glad the traffic was bad because without that I'm sure I would have put my feet up on arrival home. This way I got a good 11k in - and I was only a few minutes slower than I used to run it. No, it was a fine effort and I shall not be neglecting old Dundry for so long in the furture.

And finally, I've filled in my Oldbury 10 entry form ready to post tomorrow. It is my target race so I only hope I haven't left it too late. Oh, and I shall be starting my taper right about now for tomorrow's Llyn y Fan race - I reckon I've got a full seventeen and a half hours...

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