Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Did he jump or was he pushed?

Back on the undulations of the grass again tonight - the last time until the spring on account of there being naff all light come the last rep - use the force Luke, use the force.

We ran a double, single, double and single to finish. I took a two and a half minute recovery. After the first rep Sean and I extended the loop to add an extra undulation which made it a more testing lap. As we headed out on the last lap the sun was all but set. Tired as I am, my achilles is in good shape so it looks like I'll be racing on the weekend. From here on in it's taper time - can't touch this.

And well done to Sean for his run in last weeks Midland Road Relays. Although relegated to the incomplete C-Team the lad ran like a demon - practically possessed by the Devil himself. He ran a much faster time than five of the six B-Team runners - and we're talking 16 seconds plus. In fact it was only the mighty Phil P from the B-Team who ran quicker - and then only by 2 seconds. So well done Sean.

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