Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Trackless track session

We ventured forth from the safety of the track over to the wild, lawless grasslands of Whitchurch. Spidey senses tingling, we warmed up with an easy jog. Fortunately the brigands were raiding elsewhere tonight so it was down to business.

We ran an undulating loop of about 720 metres (GPS measured). Sean was miles ahead of me at every turn - he practically had time to make and eat some cucumber sarnies in the time it took me to finish - doh.

We ran a single, double, single, double and a final single and after all that I was knackered. I almost gave up after the first four reps but I decided I needed to dig deep and complete. Recovery was 90 seconds except for the last which was only 50 seconds on account that I seemed to have lagged everyone else and was playing catchup. My splits were 2:33, 5:26, 2:39, 5:39 and 2:47.

It was a hard session and at 5+ km it was my longest for ages. I'm pleased I stayed the session and the achilles seems to have survived ok as well - that's a bonus.

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