Sunday, September 06, 2009


No, not a season best. The 'SB' of the title refers to my 'September Best' in the Beacon 10k, Haresfield. In truth, it wasn't actually far from a real SB - 17s. I'm quite pleased. I ran well for the first 7k. Paced myself well. Got target lock on the runner in front. Eased towards them and then passed before getting the next target lock.

The course undulates a bit causing continual pace adjustments but it was more the wind - stop it - that made it tough going - especially over the last 3k which, combined with my ever tiring legs, made it very hard work. Still, it was good solid training.

Then I hopped in the car. Made it home and ploughed on with an hours interval - easy/hard - on the bike. It was like turning back the clock a couple of years to how I used to train on a Sunday - a hard run washed down with a bike session - nice.

My legs are now shattered. In fact, I'm shattered, never mind the bloody legs. And now it is time for a shower and lunch. Tootle pip.

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