Sunday, September 20, 2009

A right nice day out

in the Black Mountains. Once again it was recce time as we guided ourselves around parts of next weeks Black Moutains Race. I am almost on the cusp of running. I now I'm not really fit enough for a challenging 17 miler with 5,200 feet of ascent but then we ran 11 miles today with 3,000 feet of ascent. I know I can get round the course but it won't be that quick is all. Still, it'll be a good training run and I know enough of the route now to be able to get completely lost so I think I shall run. Then I shall taper for the Oldbury 10 - providing I get an entry after leaving it late. Fingers crossed.

It was a great day for a run and for once the visibility was good. We ran up the middle ridge towards some top bit referred to as the tumps. From there we headed down to the valley along the mystic track - which many seek but few find - and then up some hill bit what I don't know the name of but goes on and on upwards for ages. From there we headed along the ridge towards Crug Mawr with the Sugar Loaf in the background before cutting down into the valley once again and back to the car. We didn't run at great speed but I fell pretty good and even on the big climb I felt OK. Now I know it wasn't race speed but it felt easier going than a month ago.

And before you all mention it, no I didn't race yesterday on account of feeling a bit dodgy. I slept fitfully and didn't feel well enough to run - in fact I didn't feel well enough to get out of bed so I stayed there till 3 in the afternoon. Today it was a different matter and I'm completely back to normal - or as normal as that happens to be for me - shut it...

Oh, and Helen broke the Llyn y Fan record yesterday by all but 2 minutes - topper.

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