Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heavy breathing

I was really very tired tonight. It all started with needing a quick forty winks before hitting the track - not something I'm used to but welcome all the same.

Tim W came across and together with Sean and Rick we ran some short stuff. I didn't spike up because I still conscious of the sore achilles but I needn't have worried it was fine. We ran three reps consisting of a 200m then 100m jog, 300m then 100m jog and then 200m to finish. The aim was speed and I felt fast but also very tired after the third, sneaking an extra slow jog before the last 200m - believe me I needed it. Sean and Tim looked quick.

Currently pedaling away on the exercise bike - as I type one handed, the holding the 'puter - to make up for the shortness of the session. I'm going to improve if it kills me. Snooorrrrrrrrrrr - or I fall asleep.

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