Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pulling a school run

I didn't quite make it to the BMs. To be honest, I bottled it - those Mynydd Du boys are scary - not to mention that I'm terribly slow. I could not face 19 miles at their (or Helen's) pace. I would suffer at best and look like a right tart at worst (after taking an almost certain shortcut at some point, that is). I'm a little sad because the weather is great and the views would have been breath taking. Still, I guess if I want to go running in the mountains with the big boys - or Helen - then I've got to raise my game.

Instead, I went for 10 miler around home, including May Hill and friends with about 2,000 feet of ascent. So not exactly equivalent to a run in the Black Mountains but enough for little ol' me.

Later I intend to hop on the bike for an hour like in the old days but for now it's time to pull a school run - that's hop in the car to drive 400m, but in my case it's to the shop not the school plus I haven't got a four by four so it's not like a full school run. Mind you, it's a long 400m, practically 500m, perhaps even 600m and after the return journey that would almost be three miles [raise eyebrow to camera]. Yep, better take the car...

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