Thursday, September 17, 2009


Well just call me Half Day Harry if I didn't only just go and pull an 'arf day. After the drive home and a few moments to reflect me, H and the canines went for a jog - I'm loathed to call it a run on account of the speed, or lack there of. We went into Flaxley for a pootle through the woods on what is officially referred to as the clockwise loop - where the officialdom came from I do not know but there it is. Tomorrow I may or may not go for a go on the official anti-clockwise loop.

Oh, yeah, and Ernie - the not quite fastest sight hound in the west - got stuck under the final fence and needed a bit of a shove to break him free - he's a one. Sometimes he's a two, three and even a four - but never a five - that's reserved for Brown Dog and Brown Dog alone. Mr Pedwar? Well he's numberless - but a winner never the less, claiming best Lurcher in Sunday's Dog Show in Gloucester. We eagerly await his engraved Champions Cup...

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