Monday, September 28, 2009

Quickly does it

The blog post - not my running.

No training today on account of achy, sore legs. They do, however, feel improved this evening - just in time for me to run really quickly at tomorrow's Bridge Inn 5k - that's a laugh. I haven't a clue what time I shall run. I will just run it and see how it goes.

Then up is Fan Fawr on Saturday and the Oldbury 10 on Sunday - I wouldn't normally race the day before a target race - stop laughing - but I need to run Fan Fawr so I can qualify for the Welsh Series Mug. Only those who run all seven races 'win' the coveted Welsh Series Mug. I missed out last year by one race so I'm out to 'win' it this year - hence the need to run it this coming Saturday. It's a hard life...

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