Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wicked tight

Initially tonights session went well. We ran - or intended to - four 400's off 50 seconds, three 400's off 65, two off ... well I didn't get that far - arse.

I ran the first set in 76/77 seconds - I took that - especially off the shortish recovery. Next up the set of three, and at 74/75 seconds, I was going well. Then disaster - OK, not disaster, but disappointment at least. Both my calves tightened. I felt I was running just about within myself, ready to keep knocking the lap times down as the sets got shorter but there just wasn't any point in trying to take any further part in the session. My lap times could have only gone one way - and that wasn't the aim of the session - you don't make spaghetti by breaking eggs. And to add insult to injury, I got a stitch as a jogged round on my warm down - where's the justice.

Still, Sean was looking in very good form. He was hitting 64s until the final, single lap, where he, together with Josh, ran a 59 - and he didn't even look tense - swine.

So it wasn't a total disaster tonight. I feel I'm edging quicker over the weeks and months. I held good form before the body packed in - age, who'd have it.

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