Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Plugging away

It was tough tonight. I was surprised how tired I felt - especially since I didn't exactly run hard last night. After a few warm up laps I knew I had to go longer reps and steady. Only Sean from the scooby gang made it tonight and he ran with Dave B's group. They ran 600m reps. I ran 800s.

I only ran four at a steady 2:50 with 90 seconds recovery. That's not very fast but just about faster than my pb 5k pace so for tonight it was fast enough - especially since at the moment my pb 5k is about 80 seconds quicker than I can run it at present. I'm thinking longer steady reps should be my focus of the track for a while. I know I can leggit quickly in short bursts so it's time to build up the pace on longer reps.

Oh, and I reckon I need some more sleep. I'm going to make sure I get plenty of sleep to recharge the system.

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