Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not up for it tonight

I can't recall a time I've felt so indifferent about a race. I guess it's down in part to the fact that at the moment I know my time isn't going to be quick. Off road is different. There are no times to compare things against. You just run. No expectation. No mile splits. Just you and the man - or woman infront.

Tonight the fear of what I'm not able to do broke me - it's only a temporary break. I still feel things are going in the right direction. Tonight? Mentally it just wasn't there. It was a good training though. My first four kilometre splits were identical - identically slow, mind - but never the less identical. My final kilometer was 15 seconds quicker than the others so that's a measure as to quite how slow the others were.

Well, I'll not dwell. Moving on...

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