Friday, April 24, 2009

The week is complete

but alas, training wasn't great. Still I managed a bit on the bike tonight. I feel knackered though. It's been a long week. Successful, yes, but still long. My left calf is still tight from the track but I'm still hopeful of getting in a longer tomorrow - I won't say long since these days a long run isn't quite as long as it once was. Then on Sunday it's down to Yate for the Avon League and the delights of the 3k flat followed by the 800m. It'll be my first 800m for a long time and I shall just run as hard as I can without expectation - 'cause to put any expectation on it would be down right stupid. I will survive and then on Tuesday it's the Bridge Inn 5k. I won't have recovered but who cares. It's all good, hard training as I see it...

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