Thursday, April 23, 2009


I never made it to the Hereford race. I didn't clear work until just before five and the fight through the rush hour traffic was a fight I just couldn't win. I finally got home at close to half six. Now some say I still had time to make it to the race - I shall have words with them later. Hereford's got to be half an hour away and right now I feel knackered and slightly de-hydrated. So shall give it a miss - and anyway, I've sent Helen as my official envoy instead.

Next up is the Avon League over at Yate on Sunday. I'm down for the 3k and the 800m - that should be a laugh. I want to try and get in a long run on Saturday so I might not be quite as quick as people might hope - then again, they probably haven't got their hopes set that high where I'm concerned. It 'll be a good warm up for the first of the Bridge Inn 5k Summer Series races though.

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