Sunday, April 05, 2009

Up those bloody mountains again

I'm happy to report that there were no mysterious incidents in the night time last night. The mystery wardrobe shaker eluded our detection.

We went out for a morning run before we had to drive back to the airport to fly home. It was meant to be any easy - my legs weren't too bad but they weren't good for anything too strenuous - then Cheshire Fell turned up and decided to go for a run. That's were the trouble started.

We ran down to the woods at the end of Newcastle but rather than just pootle through the woods we went back up into the mountains - the bastards. Suffice to say by the time we got into the steep climbing I was last and being dropped. I couldn't even keep up with Paul (fellow Calder Valley runner) - whom I managed to beat in yesterday's race by a single place, my 144th to his 145th - I should add, that we both managed to hold off Wendy Dodds in yesterday's race (if you don't know who she is you can look it up on Google) - result.

Anyway, back to today, I felt so heavy legged on the way up and struggled but once we reached the top I was OK. As we approached the summit some damn fool shouted 'first to the summit!' - red rag to a bull alert. A few of them made a charge but I couldn't be arsed. Fifteen metres later I was pelting full tilt and after a few more metres the after burners were on and they took me well clear - when I reached the cairn I really wish I hadn't been sucked in - can't let the wife beat me all the time though.

We got back to the youth hostel, showered, fed and watered and then left for the airport. An uneventful journey saw us arrive back home on schedule, ready to prepare for the next race...

PS. Helen was third yesterday, making it a good start to the British Fell Championship.

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