Sunday, October 12, 2008

A walk in the country

I spent the morning supporting Helen in her first ever Duathlon - she came second. After a great first run (she was inside the top ten overall) she dropped back a bit on the bike before holding her own on the final run in. She now understands what I mean about jelly legs on the final run - it's impossible how to describe how your legs feel after the bike section except to say that it doesn't feel like they belong to you! Still, she finished in 16th overall - so that can't be bad.

I didn't run today - except for all the to-and-froing while supporting - I ran four 400m intervals across the playing fields as I supported - and yes, I really did run them hard so they almost count as proper training. Although, a piece of me wished I'd competed in the duathlon - I might have come last but it looked bloody good fun. Next year I think I will have a bash in what is, after all, our local duathlon.

Anyway, in the hazy afternoon summer sun - scratch that - in the hazy afternoon autumnal sun we went for an hour and an 'aff minute walk in the woods and to be truthful I felt a bit knackered doing that.

Thought for the day: Great beginnings are not as important as the way one finishes.

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