Sunday, October 26, 2008

And so it came to pass

that I did, on the occasion of the Stroud Half Marathon, get my ass well and truly kicked by H. She was less than five minutes ahead at the finish though - which, considering my lack of training, is almost like a victory for me. More important than that though, I broke the hour and a half barrier - and I really didn't think I would.

My finishing time of 1:28:27 was a gruellingly hard fought battle. I was going well until 10k but then I fell apart. It's not like I've even run 13 miles of late so I was in a race where just finishing was an achievement and my time - although a bit sad - was satisfying none the less.

So, with my legs stiff. My feet aching and my knee pained it's time for a well earned sit down. Now all I need to do is set my self a running goal for the coming year. Something to give me a reason to train...

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