Sunday, October 19, 2008

All clywed up

Yes, I was on support duty again up in North Wales on the Clywdian Hills at the site of the ancient battle between the forces the royal fra Legions and the might of Rome - no hang on, I'm getting confused with that film Gladiator which I watched last night. No it was the battle of the elves and the pixies, no the faerie, nope, I think I've lost it.

Right, must snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity. Well, I managed about an hours running (1,400 feet of ascent) as I ran back and forth shouting on Helen and the rest of my Calder Valley crew. It was quite funny really, a few of the Valleyians that I've not met before asked, 'Who do you run for?' - 'uh, you!' was my reply. All in all it was a good training run and during all the cross country dashing, me and Brown Dog had time to bond - which was nice. As Bruce would say, she's my favourite.

After two days running in a row I need a lie down in a dark room. Tootle pip.

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