Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cat flap

I haven't managed to get out for any training during the past two days - work and the drive home left me distinctly un-enthused - but I did today. Nothing long - or fast - but a run is a run in my book - at least at the moment. Nor was it the best run I've ever down but it was scenic.

I ran along life's highways and byways - well, it was more like Gloucestershire's highways and byways, but whose counting? I was out for about an hour and 800 feet of ascent. So for once, in Gods hilly county, it was almost a flat run.

So after installing the cat flap, the run and then a coffee and a peruse of the news papers on the decking it's now time to turn my thoughts towards the drive to Wales and the FRA Fell Relays - and before you ask, no I haven't been selected to run. It's strictly support for me tomorrow but I will be trying to get in a ten miler all the same - with Mrs B, of course. Just need to keep an eye out for sheep...

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