Saturday, October 11, 2008

A little more of the 'ol Tae-Stik-Wak

I went for a 9 1/2 mile run this afternoon. Up over the hills are far away - but then back home for tea.

The route I'd chosen was pretty decent on the main - except the short section which took me nigh on fifteen minutes to get through on account of the stingers - it was a case of the 'ol Tae-Stik-Wak to mash my way through. Although I sustained minor nettle stings I made it through the other side - and I like to think I helped to prevent one of our public footpaths falling into disrepair.

Ascent wise it was about 1,700 feet, so not flat by any means. I was out there a long time but taking all factors into account and seasonally adjusting, I reckon it wasn't a bad little effort...

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