Wednesday, October 08, 2008

No leaves on me tonight

I managed to get to the track tonight - but not before I was subjected to a test of will which I just about survived.

There was only the three of us again, Rick, Sean and me. We ran five 400's with just 60 seconds recovery which was hard going. I felt sprightly and ran OK for once but by the fifth I was tiring. I managed 75.5, 75.5, 74.5, 75 and ... 75.

Then we changed tack as Sean ran a 2k rep while me and rick supported running 200's. The idea was to get Sean to run 72's for the entire 2k which meant that Rick and I supported with alternate 200's in 36's - the thing we hadn't quite worked out though, was that when we finished our stint we had to leg it across the middle of the track to get back before Sean came round again. You see, you really need three to be able to cycle 200's round the track - doh.

That meant we ended up running 200's in 36 with only 36 recovery but having to run 150 across court. Suffice to say, we ended up modifying a bit and Sean had to run a few bits solo but he made it round and me and Rick ended up having four 200's under our belt off of short recovery.

Well that was as clear as mud...

Thought for the day: Success is getting up one more time.

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