Wednesday, October 01, 2008

High five

There was only three of us tonight, Rick, Sean and - who was that other one? Oh yeah, me. We were all a bit rubbish but then we had an excuse as to having had raced yesterday.

We ran five 600's with about 90s recovery. It was a bit chilly and blustery tonight and quite honestly we were pants. What a difference a week makes. I ran 2:04, 2:03, 2:02, 2:02 and 2:01 - far slower than last week and there was no way I could go any quicker. After the fourth I told Rick I wouldn't be running any more reps after the fifth and he agreed.

I'm glad I ran tonight and I worked really hard so I'll get some training benefit. I think the 600's were the right distance tonight. Not too fast and not too long.

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