Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What the heck happened there?

I'm not really sure what happened tonight. I was yawning before the start - I had to give myself an intravenous coffee infusion straight after work just to keep my eyelids open. But when we started the session - just the four of us, Helen, Sean, Rick and me - I was like a man possessed. I hasten to draw attention to the fact that it was only the four of us - we have been betrayed. Judas, clutching his thirty pieces of silver has left the building taking Dan and the Eritreans with him - only kidding.

We ran a pyramid session; 400, 600, 800, 600, 400 with a 100m jog recovery all washed down with three 200's with a 200m recovery. I ran like the wind - OK, I ran like I had the wind - but it felt like I was turning back the clock. My splits were 73s, 1:52, 2:38, 1:56 and 74 followed by the 200's in 34, 33 and 32. It was like I'd rolled back the years to recapture my youth. Helen ran well, beating me on all but seven of the reps and Sean ran a blinder too.

I don't know quite where I summoned it all from tonight and in truth I'm not going to ask too many questions. I just hope it all happens again next week...

Thought for the day: When in doubt, don't.

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