Friday, September 05, 2008

The old Wednesday route

I decided to brave the weather and try my luck on the old Wednesday night route. Unfortunately I didn't get much luck - it p#&$ed down the whole time. I was wetter than a ostrich mistaking a swamp for the sand. I was drowned - so its lucky I can swim.

It wasn't the fastest time I've ever run and if I am honest my time of 31 minutes dead was quicker than the times I was running back in 2006. I have gone quicker and if I was at the same level as I was last year then I should break thirty without much trouble. I guess it goes to show how far I've let myself slip. Still, it's a marker that I can use to gauge my recovery.

Thought for the day: A tonne of crisps is consumed every three minutes in the UK! (But not all of them by me I should add).

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