Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fencing with the plumbing

The major housey crisis has been averted. We aren't having our new washing machine delivered until Tuesday - and with a leaky valve that meant 4 no water. In order to have a shower, make a brew or even a flush of the loo ment flooding the floor those few minutes! Anyway after a day trip to an outlet of 'a certain large chain of diy superstores' I managed a swift valve change. Turned back on the water and ... it didn't drip. Not one drop. Result, shower time, party on.

Helen was off wining a team silver at the Midland Road Relays - I should have been going as a reserve - for one of the mens team, not the woman - but had to get that leak fixed. I am in Mike Down's bad books but it's not every day you move house - and I really did want to go, sounds like I missed a good day.

After the plumbing I built 10 metres of feather-board fencing, interspersed with putting Helen's Ikea desk - no parts left over - result - and further small dog fortifications - to keep the little blighters in as opposed to warding off an attack of the ankle biters. I am now knakered and off for a shower. Only another 18 metres of fencing to go...

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