Sunday, September 07, 2008

A case of the shall we shan't we

I didn't mention that I might have been running a 10k race today just in case I didn't manage to make it - I didn't. Instead, after much vexing, cogitating - sounds painful - and soul searching, we made it out for a reasonably paced ten miler. I showed Helen the finer sights that Whitchurch and the surrounding area has to offer. Such as the bad lands of Knowle West - we skirted around the edge, not daring to enter without police escort. The delights of the pie factory. The marvel that is Horse World - although Helen often finds herself drawn, inexplicably, towards there routinely and then back into the 'church' as we locals don't call it for a fly by of Asda'l' and then home for tea... only it was lunch time so I guess that makes it home for lunch.

Oh, yeah, and once we got home we discovered that Brown Dog, the super dog extraordinaire and flown over the back fence and buggered off to the Co-op to choose us something nice for said lunch - ah, bless.

Ps, I made up the bit about the pie factory.

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