Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Trailing at the track

We had a strong head wind tonight down the home straight but Rick was kind and only made us run it once per rep. Now you might think, hang on a minute, I bet you only ran four hundreds - but you'd be wrong because we ran the 600/300 session as of a few weeks ago. So Rick really was kind - even if the weather wasn't.

I ran like, well, someone who can't run. I was a right potato. I struggled to cope with two minutes for the 600 hundred with the fourth drifting to a death defying ... 2:08 but I managed to get back towards two minutes for the last one. The three's weren't much better as I struggled to hit 57's and one drifting to over a minute. The only silver lining was that the recovery was shortish, weighing in at about 45s and 90s. Oh yeah, and one more silver lining was that I raised myself to the heady heights of a final 53 second 300m - but then I was finished - he shoots, he misses - doh.

As to those attending, there was no Rob - booo - but we had a new lad, and forgive me for the spelling, Timba? Anyway, others in attendance were - and this is in no particular order of preference [winks to camera] - Helen, Dan, Jerry, Sean and time keeper extraordinaire, Rick.

Well that's it for tonight. Maybe I will manage to get some training done tomorrow - and maybe I won't - but I hope I do...

Thought for the day: Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything.

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