Monday, September 08, 2008

Dead legs and tangerines

I made it to training tonight up on the Downs - and never have I been less prepared for it - OK, maybe once or twice. I was pretty rubbish - I'll be kind to myself and limit my description to merely rubbish - but Sean was looking relaxed and going well. Rick had a bit of trouble - Betty - and pulled out to avoid injury.

We started off with a 3 minute effort and after a short recovery we then ran three 6 minute efforts with a two minute recovery before finishing with a final 3 minute effort. It's at this point I must confess - yes, really I must, the third of my 6 minute efforts turned into a 3 on account of, well, being completely pants.

My legs just didn't have it this evening. They just felt so dead but I managed the session so that's a positive. Hopefully I will manage an easy run tomorrow.

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