Sunday, October 30, 2022

Another Little Milestone

Okay, it was racked up on the treadmill, but today was my first non-stop 10k of running so far. I didn't exactly pelt it along, but I did run with a 2% incline to give some compensation to it being on the treadmill. I did also increase the pace little by little throughout but never really got to anything approaching fast. Every day is about making a small gain here, a small gain there, here a gain, there a gain, everywhere a gain again... drifted off on one there, for a moment. Those small gains will eventually sum to a big one.

Things are all still on track and more importantly, I'm still mad keen for it. And for the record, training since Wednesday has been a row and recovery ride, the first run session of the Zwift Tri-Academy, a hilly ride and some cardio yesterday and today's run, of course. More Tri-Academy coming up this week.

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