Saturday, October 15, 2022

Nothing If Not Consistent

It's been more good training this week. Up Wednesday was the second race of the Zwift duathlon race series and I managed to score an impress extra point as compared to last week's score. I was down on the ride, my legs were not feeling fresh, so I was surprised to make up those lost points plus one extra on the run. I might try and factor my rest day in for Tuesday next week, so my legs will be slightly fresher for race number three.

Friday was a good interval session on the 'mill. Above target 5k pace by 45s for 1 minute, laddering down to above target pace by 15s, for 2 minutes 30 and back up again. I set the pace +5% and the incline to 3% to really drive the effort. It was hard but maybe even then I had some more in me. I know the treadmill isn't like real running, but it really focuses me to complete whatever session is in front of me and although not real life, on every session I seem to go a little longer or a little faster - or a bit of both.

Today was a double header. Five 800m reps at ever increasing pace, starting just below 5K target pace for the first one, before hitting +15s above target pace, up to +25s above target. My legs, again, weren't fresh - getting to be a theme, and I know I need to have rest but I'm just so damn keen. Keener than I've been in ten years! I'm monitoring my resting heart rate as an indicator of fatigue and while it's staying level, I'm cracking on. After the run came a 35-minute recovery ride, albeit with five to ten minute of solid climbing effort in the middle, it was mostly lower intensity though.

Probably going to be more tomorrow (we all know that's going to be definitely more tomorrow) ...

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