Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Broke The 3k Barrier

I was close last week, at 2.9k for the 15-minute run section of the duathlon. This week it was time to break that barrier. I didn't spare anything for the run, exactly matching last week's average power on the 35-minute ride. So, I was pleased when I did, in fact, break the 3k barrier. Overall, I scored 5 more points than last week, but with 30% less runners and riders, didn't quite make the top half. There's always another chance in the spring, when we get to do it all again....

Training wise, it's been a medium effort since last week's virtual duathlon. Two runs, three bike sessions and a 5k row. I was mindful of tonight's final duathlon, so wanted to come in with fresh-ish legs but still needed to log some decent training. Coming up over the next three weeks, I'm taking to the Zwifts Tri-Academy training plan, which I kicked off with the first bike session on Monday. The first run session should be Friday, all being well.

Going to feel at a bit of a loose end come next Wednesday...

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