Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Too Easy...

It was Zwift Academy 2020 workout 5 tonight and it was too easy. I set the treadmill to 3% to make it harder but it was still too easy. I didn't want to increase the pace as I wasn't sure if I'd struggle in the latter stages but in the end it didn't push me. It's definitely a sign I'm getting there. This session would've been hard going a month ago. Going to repeat with a 5% pace increase and see how it goes (but not tonight).

After breaking 26mins for the treadmill 5K on Saturday (with 2% incline), a good 70 minute recovery ride Sunday and a return to the Concept 2 for 20 minutes of steady rowing yesterday, I feel that the 25 minute 5k is almost here - and I mean a real one, not some trumped up treadmill effort!

Looking forward to tomorrows Zwift duathlon...

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