Wednesday, October 19, 2022

More Than Enjoyed That....

Been waiting all day for it....  The Zwift Duathlon League race three. How bloody sad am I? - Don't answer that.

I took a complete training rest day yesterday in preparation. I was in determined mood and went for it. No holds were barred. Beforehand, I looked up my average power from last week and set this week's effort above and beyond throughout. That rewarded me with a big fat FTP increase of 3% or 6W. Then quickly off the bike and onto the treadmill. Again, I looked out my average pace from last week and from the gun set my pace a little higher.

As to the results, I very nearly, only a few places off, almost made the top half of my age category. Scoring 3.5% more points than last week. More than happy with that. Going to be hard to top that in the final race of the series next week.

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