Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Racing Again... Virtually...

Tonight was the start of a four race Zwift duathlon race series taking place over the next four weeks. Ride as far as you can in 35 minutes. Followed by a ten-minute transition to switch across to the treadmill. Then run as far as you can in 15 minutes.

After volunteering to clock 10000 steps a day, Monday to Thursday, for a work thing, my legs weren't feeling entirely fresh. I haven't been exactly pelting it on the treadmill to get the job done, but I have been doing it on a gradient to get some benefit. I can safely say, the legs are feeling even less fresh right now. Suffice to say tomorrow's planned Academy Finish ride is getting pushed back to Saturday, to leave me a rest day Friday.

Back to tonight's race pair and the start of the ride was less than optimal. I was merrily pedalling along in the start pen to get warmed up and, being on the trainer, didn't pay attention to the fact I was in the small front ring - ooh, er, matron! The race started, I cranked up the effort, realised I was in the small, changed to the big - and subsequently took the chain off. Cue 30s of faffing, off the bike, chain back on, me back on and away. That put me dead last but at least I had some rabbits to chase - and chase I did. I went at it hard, not sparing the legs for the run and sustained over 200W for the 35-minute ride. For my effort I triggered another FTP rise. Up by 4W (2%). Pleased with that. what with my less than fresh legs.

Without much pause for thought I was off the bike and onto the treadmill, setting things to run mode, and then ready for the off. I say ready, my legs were feeling a bit wobbly, but a few minutes of walking before the start helped. And before I knew it, it was time for the run.

It was a good run, but overall, I should have had more faith in how the trainings been going. I underestimated my pace and although I steadily increased my pace throughout, I finished with far too much left. I should have had more confidence and set the starting pace higher. I will not make the same mistake next week.... oh, I forgot to say, the racing... I bloody loved it!

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