Wednesday, October 30, 2019

I've Been A Silly Boy...

Only gone and got sucked in to running the Bath Half Marathon as part of a team from work. It's only nineteen weeks away and at the moment 10k is struggle, my pace pathetic. My half PB of 1:22hr seems a lifetime away. At my current level of fitness I'll be lucky to make it round in 2:22hr.

On to tonight, I repeated last weeks 5k session. Short warmup followed by five sets of hard (400m), harder (200m), easy (200m). I increased the session pace by 4% from last week. It felt hard by the last effort - ooh matron, behave - but no harder than last weeks session. So maybe, slowly, slowly, I'm making gains.

19 weeks though!..... Eek.... Not... enough.... time.........

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