Sunday, October 20, 2019

Enjoyed Today's Group Ride

I decided to ride the same session as last week. Two laps of the Harrogate course as a group ride with the last 7k, starting at the final climb, switching to all out war. I had a bit of trouble early doors with my rear cassette shifter. It was mis-aligned and kept flipping between gears. Must have knocked the bike or something. Anyway, I persevered for a lap before deciding I couldn't put up with it anymore.

It was like a Tour de France pit stop. I hopped off the bike and gave the barrel thingy a bit of a twist to visually align the coggy things before jumping back on. Despite being still in the group ride phase, I was well dropped. Dead last but I blasted for it - as best I can blast at the moment. I had to hit it hard for a good five minutes and at first I didn't think I was making any headway but finally I could see the gap closing and I got back on. I was a bit wasted for the effort but had a few kilometres to recover before the racing kicked off.

The earlier effort had taken the edge off. The climb was okay but I paid for that earlier effort. Still it was a good solid ride in to the finish. A good days training. Back on the treadmill tomorrow...

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