Monday, May 20, 2019

And He Sayeth Unto Me...

Get off your treadmill, lace up your shoes and run... So I did.

Not the longest but it was nice to run for real, 7km. It's been a good week of training, the achilles held up fine but I'm in need of a rest day. I was going to ride out the final stage of the Tour of Watopia tonight but it would have been a struggle - and I mean Struggle with a capital S. Stage seven is the Alpe du Zwift route (a virtualisation of Alpe d'Huez) and even on fresh legs the climb takes me an hour and ten (or more). With the fatigue I'm feeling it would be 'character building' and I'd rather have a crack at it when I've a chance of PB'ing so I'm deferring till Wednesday and taking a rest day tomorrow.

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