Sunday, April 21, 2013

Total Bonk

Well if I had any doubts I would race poorly today those doubts were scratched from the record around the 14km mark. It didn't feel so much like hitting the wall as being front ended by a god damn freight train. Up until that point I was going okay. So it wasn't going to be the fastest Offa's Orra I'd ever run but wasn't going to be too bad considering. From there I just got slower and slower and slower. By 18km I couldn't even run on the flat bits.  With time seeming to stand still, progress was slow over those last few kilometres. In the end I was just glad to get to the finish so I could get some of the ever so lush cake and a coffee. I was even cheeky enough to ask for an extra slice - for medicinal purposes.

With the cake consumed I then realised I was flipping freezing and foregoing the social niceties I just had to get back to the car to put on some more layers before heading home. Heck do I ever feel wiped out.

Well done Chepstow Harriers for a perfectly executed race - as always. And well done to all the spectators and marshals out on the course. Never have I needed a few words of encouragement more...

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