Monday, April 29, 2013

Almost Confirmed

Just waiting on the final confirmation and then I'll be all booked off from Thursday. Toot toot. All being well I'll be hitting the road with Vera for short trip up to North Wales for a pootle around a few sections of the Welsh 1000s and 3000s routes. There are a few sections I need to acquaint myself with. Down from Crib Goch to Nant Peris for the 3000s definitely needs a looksey. Could also do with a look at Tryfan and Y Gribin. Come to think of it I've only ventured into the Carnedds once before... um, that's quite a lot to fit into a few days - especially factoring in not risking any one run being too long.

Managed some training tonight but I feel tired and want to rest up a little before the extended weekend. Need to look out some good places to park up overnight. Cue google maps and street-view. Oh, and I didn't get my marching orders this morning so I guess the MD didn't mind being accidentally called 'trouble'...

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