Monday, April 01, 2013

I'm Going To Hibernate

Let me know when it's Spring.... I'd like to think this cold is just an April Fools joke but it seems to have carried on past midday. I was concerned about sun burn last week. It looks like frost bite's going to be the main issue this week.

I managed a short run this morning but the cold drove me back in doors. I have a severe case of nasal congestion or as I call it, mucho mucho green stuff - or, Pure Green... It started with a sore throat Thursday/Friday and has moved to the end game. All being well I'll be back to normal in a couple of days. I finished off with two hours on the exercise bike watching old episodes of the Great British Bake Off Series One. I wasn't into baking back then so it was new to me.

So anyway, over the last couple of weeks I've had a break from the long runs but it's now time to get things under way again. I'm concious that work is going to be throwing spanners at my works - ooh matron - so I'm going to start taking my kit with me everyday and try and get a lunch run done. My aim is to make sure I always take at least a thirty minute break while I'm out on site and run a short sharp session as often as possible.

Then coming up next weekend it's the Llanbedr Blaenafon fell race on Saturday. It'll be a good gauge of my progress. Hopefully I've done enough early season to at least equal last year's lowly 2:38. Up Sunday is the Chedworth Roman Trial 10 mile multi-terrain race. There's nothing quite like a 15 mile & 10 mile double header race weekend to get the blood pumping - not to mention the legs aching....

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