Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Needed That

A chilled flexi-day. With 13+ hours in the bag already this month it's a case of use or lose 'em. I used 'em. Weather wasn't too bad - not that I really strayed far. Still ain't warm out but I was able to finally get my potatoes planted - only a month later than last year. Fingers crossed they turn out okay. I've planted some Charlotte 1st earlies, some casablanca 2nd earlies and some cara and blue belle mains. I don't know whether I should stagger the planting or not. Guess I'll see what's what in a month or two. Hopefully I will end up with more tatties than I know what to do with.

Next up was a spot of bread making. A nice crusty cob - sssh, no. I tried Mr H's oil on the work top method instead of flour and you know what? It only flippin' works. I was in no rush to prove it and I reckon for the first time I really let the yeast do its thing at its own pace. Pretty sure it's my tasty loaf to date. The longer, slower proving definitely made a difference. The only downside is that I've already eaten three slices and I'm tempted by more!

Between proving and baking I headed into town for a spot of retail therapy. My pan's must be close to thirteen years old and the handles have become more and more wobbly. It was getting to the point where I was beginning to worry about failure and a hot pan of liquid down the front wasn't something I was looking forward to. Cue some nice new stainless steel pans with copper bottoms. Not sure what copper bottoms do but they look smart - and I feel better for the therapy.

Finished off tonight with an easy forty five minutes on the bike. My legs are still sore but I can at least walk without looking like a cripple. I'm expecting to be back to normal tomorrow and all being well, ready for action at the Chepstow Handicap on Thursday - although my 33 minute handicap is going to be too much. Well, someone's got to come last and I don't mind obliging. Might even stick around for curry night assuming I've got the date right!

Pip pip

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