Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I've Got Newts!

Sssh, no, stop it. As you do of an evening, I was pootling around in the garden, checking for signs of growth from the potatoes, listening to the birds chirp and the sheep mooch - the sheep being in the field not the garden. I didst espy a smooth newt in the pond. The living mass of frog spawn drew my attention before spotting the newt sat amidst their sprawling mass. Ooh, I feel like David Bellamy. My chillies are off and growing, the tomatoes firing up, the only disappointment is the thyme and rosemary. They look a bit feeble. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Maybe they'll come on in a few more days. The sage, parsley, basil and coriander, though, are looking good.

Back to reality. What a day. The long day turned out not so long after all - RESULT. Everything, for once - possibly a one time only special offer but I hopefully not - went corkingly and by three o'clock we were done. Oh the joyous occasion. This day shall go down in the history books. It will be a day remembered across the generations. The story of which will last forever. After the universe has long faded the memory of this day will remain amidst the star dust. Maybe not....

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